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Friday, October 22, 2010

UC-Irvine to Give 33% Scholarships to Third Entering Class

UC-Irvine Logo After giving 100% scholarships to its inaugural Class of 2012 (which yielded a Top 20 entering class of 63 students with 167 LSAT and 3.61 GPA medians, and the nation's best 4% acceptance rate) and 50% to the Class of 2013 (which yielded another Top 20 entering class of 83 students), UC-Irvine announced yesterday that it would award 33% scholarships to the Class of 2014.  The scholarships are worth $40,550 for California residents and $50,573 for non-residents. It will be interesting to see what effect the continued decline of scholarship assistance has on the quality and competitiveness of the entering class -- there were 2,741 applicants for the inaugural class (with 100% scholarships) and 983 applicants for the second class (with 50% scholarships). UC-Irvine plans to admit 100 students in the Class of 2014, and will eventually admit 200 students per year.

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