Paul L. Caron

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The IRS Has Bed Bugs


IRS Bed Bugs

(Hat Tip: Gordon E. Hartwig.)

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What happened to professional courtesy?

Posted by: Lark | Oct 7, 2010 9:20:22 PM

So now the IRS is turning on their own mascot.

Posted by: willis | Oct 7, 2010 8:45:58 AM

Bon appetit.


Posted by: Wes S. | Oct 7, 2010 7:45:14 AM

First of all let me start out by saying that I work in the pest control industry and have extensive experience in the bed bug control/eradication. Bedbugs adapted to DDT prior to it's ban and re-introducing it would do nothing to curb them. 2nd the company I work for is the largest in the world and I will tell you right here and now even if the government allowed its use it would be so restricted and companies would never use it because of liability fears. Bedbugs are easy to manage if caught early and there are good products available that work. The problem is that 80% of the service involves using heat (steam) to erradicate the current infection and 20% is the application of a product. This will get worse before it gets better due to those in who are poor cannot afford the cost of treatment and those who will do nothing. Average cost is $400 to $600 a room. Anyone who offers to treat with chemcial only you better run

Posted by: JD | Oct 7, 2010 6:23:18 AM

Jokes about bloodsucking vermin just write themselves, don't they?

Posted by: Flighterdoc | Oct 7, 2010 5:26:06 AM

In a related story, IRS sues EPA over DDT.

Posted by: fleec | Oct 7, 2010 4:37:38 AM

Malaria killing millions of brown people in Africa?

We must keep the ecology in mind and keep the DDT ban in place!

Bedbugs infesting the halls of power in DC?

Ban on DDT ending in...five...four...three...

Posted by: Mr.W | Oct 7, 2010 4:34:22 AM

Only the IRS would come up with a form for this problem and even provide a block for attaching the insects, as if it needed proof of the claim. I'm glad that they don't demand similar proof for dependents.

Posted by: Woody | Oct 6, 2010 6:49:07 PM