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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Democratic National Committee Is D.C. Tax Deadbeat

DNC Logo Pajamas Media, DNC and Dems’ Private Club Delinquent on Taxes 16 Times in 7 Years:

The Democratic National Committee and the party’s private club in the nation’s capitol have been delinquent with tax payments on sixteen separate occasions over the last seven years, Pajamas Media has learned.

According to District of Columbia government records, since 2004 the Democrats’ main political committee and its National Democratic Club — an exclusive restaurant and hideaway on Capitol Hill where prominent Democrats and their guests dine — have been hit with fines and interest penalties in excess of $115,000 for failure to pay their property taxes on time.

Officials at the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue reviewed tax records with Pajamas Media. Government records here and here paint a picture of two highly visible political establishments that have been tax deadbeats for most of the last seven years. This year, the club fell so far into tax arrears that it was listed as part of a D.C. government “tax sale” in August. The DNC and the club finally paid the property taxes in September to dodge a government seizure and a public auction sale. ...

Grover Norquist, president of the conservative Americans for Tax Reform, told Pajamas Media:

Barack Obama’s Democratic Party is the party of Leona Helmsley. Taxes are for little people. The Secretary of the Treasury, the highest ranking government official in charge of taxes, didn’t pay his own taxes and President Obama didn’t believe that was a problem.

They don’t see themselves bound by the law any more than Louis the Fourteenth did. They are above the law, they are above taxes. Taxes and laws are for little people.

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My level of evidence is extreme? All we have so far is are screenshots of information that can't be reproduced, so far. I think it's reasonable to ask for a bit more than that.

My best to you, too.

Posted by: Mithras | Nov 4, 2010 2:46:40 PM

Corporate donors do not want their contributions to be made public, so that they won't be targeted for boycotts like Target was earlier this year.

The GOP doesn't want tax cuts for the rich. It wants tax cuts for everyone. We don't need more class warfare, and people who can create jobs with money need to have the money to do that.

I think that your level of required evidence is a little extreme. Who would go to the trouble of fabricating a story and creating false web sites on this matter? The evidence seems sufficient. I wouldn't have a problem with facts from Olbermann. I do have a problem with his interpretation of them.

Actually, I'm not a Republican. Just like the Democrats left Ronald Reagan rather him leaving them, the Republicans left me when they gained control of Washington and started spending like they were Democrats. Now, we have the best of both worlds...gridlock.

Enjoyed talking with you. Hope you didn't take anything personally.

Posted by: Woody | Nov 3, 2010 9:55:31 PM

Funny, Woody. I didn't respond to your initial gibe because it's so ridiculous to assert that the Democrats are the party of the rich when the Congressional GOP's top priorities include restoring tax cuts to the wealthy and preventing any disclosure of where all that Citizens United-derived corporate campaign cash came from.

Anyway, on the story in question, I don't bear the burden of proof, you do. Would you accept something as gospel if Keith Olbermann said it based on conversations with anonymous sources? And you missed my point about "government official": If the tax office was willing to give them access to the screenshots, why won't the tax office confirm that the screenshots are genuine? If the tax site had come up with the information on the screenshots, then we'd have something to talk about. But so far this is as real as Obama's Kenyan birth certificate. As long as conservatives put unwavering belief in unproven things, no real discussion is possible.

As for the election, we Dems got creamed here in Philly. Congrats. But at least that nutcase O'Donnell lost down the road in Delaware!

Posted by: Mithras | Nov 3, 2010 1:22:26 PM

Mithras, I see that our last two comments crossed in the mail. I'm satisfied with the information presented, unlike Dan Rather's "fake but accurate" memo against Bush, that the Left was so willing to embrace. Now, I guess that there is a new standard of evidence for you folks, one much, much tougher.

If you'rs so dissatisfied with the evidence, then feel free to bear the additional research burden, yourself, to disprove the story...and, do so legitimately, not as you pretended before. It's obvious that you'll reject everything and anything else that I or others send you that doesn't support your theory that the Democrats are responsible taxpayers. Good luck, but don't start by googling "Tim Geithner."

Posted by: Woody | Nov 2, 2010 7:47:30 AM

From the story: "The DNC did not return any of PJM’s calls requesting comment for this article."

Mithras, your search was about as valid as looking for a baseball on a football field. And, there's no least from my end. You're the one who babbled "the DNC only has the support of ordinary people rather than the billionaires and millionaires..." and then ran from that when I provided support of the rich special interests that back the Democrats. Then, you went on to attack the journalistic source, not the facts, which didn't support your own desires. Finally, you went on a surface hunt to "de-confirm" the story and decided that it wasn't valid because you just weren't sure and wouldn't look any further. In fact, you were trying to support your hopes by saying there wasn't any evidence (to you) rather than saying that you found evidence to the contrary.

On this particular article, if you think that the writer is a liar and you reject every piece of evidence because you don't think it looks right and, instead, choose to accept the NDC's explanation, "I think you’re wrong. Like all government records, they are prone to errors," then you don't need to go to different corners to avoid confirmation one way or the other. But, you could call the sorry D.C. tax department yourself, if you have such a serious problem with what is reported...unless you think that "they are prone to errors," too, in which case you'll never be satisfied.

Oh, and, no matter how much you try, you'll never beat me if you rely on facts and logic rather than emotion and name-calling.

Hey, are you going to vote for the Tea Party candidates today?!

Posted by: Woody | Nov 2, 2010 7:22:09 AM

Still looking for any facts that address (1) why there is no government official on the record that the screenshots are an accurate reflection of the record, (2) why the information presented is not available on the District's tax website, and (3) whether anyone has asked the Dems to actually show their records of tax bills and payments. Anyone? Anyone?

Posted by: Mithras | Nov 2, 2010 7:06:19 AM

Have you got any corroborating information, Woody, or are you just going to babble?

Posted by: Mithras | Nov 1, 2010 8:56:06 PM

In other words, a dogmatic liberal will NEVER accept a source and its information as legitimate and will nitpick it to death if it disagrees with his emotional biases. And, any source that goes against the agenda of a liberal is automatically labeled as "partisan political," if not "radical right-wing" or "racist." I think that you typed slowly because you needed one hand to hold your jerking knee from hitting you in the chin.

Posted by: Woody | Oct 31, 2010 9:11:36 PM

Okay, I'll type more slowly so even the rightwingers can understand the point about credibility:

PajamasMedia is a partisan political organization. You might as well accept MMFA's word for something without checking whether, you know, the allegations have been confirmed independently. Given the tendency of conservative activists to make up a controversy and then sell it to the credulous, I think even more skepticism is warranted.

Secondly, the "evidence" linked are screen shots purporting to be from the DC real estate tax page. The first two screenshots have no information on them that identify the parcel of land. The third link appears to be real, because you can actually find it on the DC real estate tax website. It lists the Democratic Club at 30 Ivy St. SE as being delinquent in the whopping amount of $853.26. Please note that this figure of $853.26 does not appear anywhere on the first two screenshots, so nothing about the tax sale listing confirms the first two screenshots as genuine.

Still looking to confirm the first two screenshots, I go to the real estate tax site and enter the 30 Ivy St. address. There is no result, which is weird. I enter the address of the DNC headquarters, 430 S Capitol St SE. Again, no result. So far, there is nothing that shows that the screenshots are genuine.

PajamasMedia says they got this information from the DC taxing authorities. There is no quote from anyone from the DC government confirming this. There is a quote from the president of the National Democratic Club saying that the allegations are wrong.

So far, this is all smoke, but conservatives are so eager to believe anything that confirms their beliefs you all buy the whole story with no evidence.

Posted by: Mithras | Oct 31, 2010 10:51:46 AM

Then there is the C Street SE townhouse in Washington, residence of several Republican members of Congress who pay below-market rent, that until recently was exempt from D.C. property taxes because it is owned by a shadowy religious organization. That's the difference between the parties: Democrats are always late paying their taxes, Republicans are always early to figure out a way to avoid them.

Posted by: Bob | Oct 31, 2010 10:06:28 AM

Mithras: Is there a credible source for this story...?

I didn't think that Mithras actually went to the source to read the story, but was being beaten senseless in the head by a reflexive knee-jerk. Check the links within the original story.

Officials at the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue reviewed tax records with Pajamas Media. Government records HERE and HERE paint a picture of two highly visible political establishments that have been tax deadbeats for most of the last seven years. This year, the club fell so far into tax arrears that it was listed as part of a D.C. government “TAX SALE” in August. The DNC and the club finally paid the property taxes in September to dodge a government seizure and a public auction sale.

With his type objectivity and research ability, let's hope that Mithras isn't a professor or aspires to become one. Our kids deserve better.

Now, Mithras, do you want to discuss the story on the FACTS and its merits or continue to pathetically attack with nothing and to evade the truth? ...I didn't think so.

Posted by: Woody | Oct 31, 2010 8:35:25 AM

Here we go, again. When liberals are beaten on facts, and they always are, they try to deflect the argument and resort to emotionally demonizing the sources that present the facts that others with their agenda hide. Perhaps Mithras can tell us why undisputed facts reported by Pajamas Media or any other source should not be accepted.

Bottom line...the Democratic Party does not respect decency in its arguments and operations, and its leaders think that taxes are what other people should pay. The Leona Helmsley comparison is appropriate.

Posted by: Woody | Oct 31, 2010 8:20:16 AM

I just get a kick out of rich Republicans comparing Democrats to Leona Helmsley. Projection much?

Is there a credible source for this story, by the way? Because PajamasMedia isn't one. I hope Prof. Caron doesn't start linking or Breitbart, too.

Posted by: Mithras | Oct 31, 2010 1:44:24 AM

More "ordinary people" with tens of millions of dollars and volunteers to elect Democrats, who will drain the taxpayers to give to the unions.

With Reform on the Line, National Education Association Spends Big

The National Association Education hasn't gotten much press as a big-time player in this year's midterm elections, but that's what it is.

The nation's largest union will have spent $40 million on the 2010 elections by Tuesday, including $17 million worth of TV, mail, radio and phone calls spread across four Senate races and seven House races, the NEA said today.

That's almost as much as the $44 million the Service Employees has budgeted for midterm elections and not that far behind the $53 million the AFL-CIO's deputy political director said the federation had originally budgeted (it's apparently prepared to spend more).

...The races where NEA is spending are:

...You'll notice that all those candidates are Democrats, and that they're all incumbents (except for Rep. Joe Sestak, who is running for a seat currently held by Democratic Sen. Arlen Specter, whom he defeated in the primary). The strategy, in this rough election year for Democrats, has been to identify the members that matter most and try to protect them.

...As unions typically do, the NEA has dedicated a significant chunk of its energy--and about a third of its political budget--toward urging its members to vote for Democrats on Tuesday. Unions can contact their own members (and members of those members' households) much more easily, and with far fewer legal restrictions, than they can the general public, so the NEA has been encouraging its unionized teachers not only to vote, but to volunteer with campaigns or through the phone banks and canvasses being run nationwide by the AFL-CIO.

...As Donald Rumsfeld said, you go to war with the army you have. NEA and the American Federation of Teachers, the other prominent national teachers' union, will likely go to war during the next Congress.

NEA, for its part, is trying to make sure that its army is as big and supportive as possible, even as Republicans victories next week could significantly impact federal education policy within the next two years.

With money like that coming in from unions, is it too much to ask the Democrats to pay all of their taxes and to pay them on time?

Posted by: Woody | Oct 30, 2010 8:39:55 PM

Trial lawyers, big unions, Goldman Sachs, Hollywood, Warren Buffett, and George Soros are not exactly "ordinary people" who support the Democrats.

Posted by: Woody | Oct 30, 2010 4:41:37 PM

It's too bad that the DNC only has the support of ordinary people rather than the billionaires and millionaires who pull the strings in the GOP. But I would have thought Grover "Let's make government small enough to drown in a bathtub" Norquist would be against paying taxes in all cases.

Thanks for starting my day off with a laugh.

Posted by: Mithras | Oct 30, 2010 5:57:34 AM