Paul L. Caron

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Al Sharpton Channels Rod Blagojevich

Rod Blagojevich:  President Obama's senate seat “is a f—-ing valuable thing, you just don’t give it away for nothing,”

Al Sharpton: On the anniversary of Martin Luther King's I Have a Dream speech:  "This is our day and we ain't giving it away."

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What are the tax implications of donating a Senate seat and/or a civil rights commemoration vs. sales of the same?

Posted by: Frank Gerratana | Sep 2, 2010 5:38:24 AM

Uh, I think there was a word missing in Sharpton's version.

Posted by: mike livingston | Sep 2, 2010 6:25:46 AM

I think the comparison is unfair to Blagojevich. ;-)

Posted by: pst314 | Sep 2, 2010 5:40:45 PM

What do you suppose Rev Al expects to get in return for "our day"? If he's not "giving it away" how much/what will the sell/trade it for?

Posted by: jorgxmckie | Sep 2, 2010 6:22:14 PM

Sharpton's non-profit did not pay the Federal taxes and Social Security taxes
withheld from his employees to the tune of over a million dollars. The IRS
settled the case in the form of an Offer in Compromise for 10% on the dollar.
So where did the money go? Andrew Cuomo, HUD secretary under Clinton sent more
than $200 million dollars to rehabilitate housing in Harlem. Nothing was done.
Where is the money? More then $30 million dollars was sent by Washington to
rebuild the Appolo Theater. Nothing was done. They had to send an additional $30
million. Where's the money? Just some questions.

Posted by: PTL | Sep 2, 2010 7:20:08 PM

While I have been disgusted with the MSM`s publicity of Sharpton`s racial comments,it is probably well to keep exposing him for what he is.
My pet name for him the "Reverend Small POx"
You know what that desease did to the Indians!

Posted by: John Calomiris | Sep 3, 2010 3:06:23 AM