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Friday, June 11, 2010

Forbes Tax Articles

  • Forbes Logo Five Rules For Inherited IRAs (June 9, 2010), by Deborah L. Jacobs:  "Families can stretch out the tax breaks of retirement accounts for decades if they know the rules."
  • Five True Tales From a Tax Lawyer (June 9, 2010), by Robert W. Wood:  "Tax law can get pretty interesting when sex, marriage, injustice or even zoo animals are involved."
  • How to Pass Down Your Family Vacation Retreat (June 10, 2010), by Stephane Fitch:  "Here's how to protect your vacation retreat from the taxman and intrafamily strains."
  • More States Woo Retirees With Tax Breaks (June 9, 2010), by Ashlea Ebeling:  "Despite their deficits, states are still wooing retirees with tax breaks."
  • Prepare for the Return of the Estate Tax (June 11, 2010), by Deborah L. Jacobs:  "The federal estate tax is coming back, while some state levies never went away. Act now to protect your family's assets."
  • The Big Tax Increase Facing Small Business (June 9, 2010), by Dean Zerbe:  "Hedge fund taxes get all the attention. Congress is about to raise billions in taxes on some doctors, accountants and architects."
  • The Conservationist Next Door (June 14, 2010), by Ashlea Ebeling:  "With government low on cash, neighbors are using tax breaks, sweat equity and ingenuity to save open space."
  • The State Estate Grab, 2010 Edition (June 9, 2010), by Ashlea Ebeling:  "Like the federal estate tax, state levies are in flux. As of mid-2010, 19 states imposed taxes on estates not left to a spouse or charity."

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