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Friday, May 14, 2010

The End of an Era

Today marked my daughter's last day of high school -- congratulations, Jayne!  My wife has written Jayne a daily note of encouragement throughout high school; here is a portion of today's message:

Jayne Last Day What a milestone day!  Reflecting back on your past 4 years, I want you to know what an AMAZING!!! person you have become (and have always been). You should feel very proud of all your accomplishments, but most importantly about who you are, because as you've risen to the tip-top of a highly competitive class, you have remained humble without developing an overly aggrandized view of yourself, recognizing and appreciating the special worth of each classmate. What has shined through the years (through thick and thin) has been your radiant spirit; your generous, free-spirited, fun-loving and adventurous nature; your sense of humor; your strength of character; your resilience; and your courage to confront and work on areas of weakness while remaining openly and unabashedly yourself, an independent thinker, in an environment where it often seems easier to conform. You have grown each year by leaps and bounds. And there is absolutely NOTHING to regret, because each experience (whether joyous or painful) has brought you to a new level of maturity -- teaching you something about who you are, who you want to become, and who your true friends are.

Your dad and I are so glad to see you fully immersed in enjoying these few remaining weeks in [high school] before your graduation on June 4th!  We love you beyond measure, and are so very, very, very proud of our brave and bold daughter, who is truly beautiful both on the inside and out.

People sometimes ask how I can be so sure about the existence of a loving God -- my answer is always the same: there is simply no other way to explain how a guy like me could end up with such an incredible wife and kids.

Jayne and a friend spent last night making tee shirts (above) and painting messages on their cars (below) to mark their last day of high school.

Jayne Gleek 

[For those without high school girls in the house, "I'm a Gleek" means she is a geeky fan of Glee, the FOX TV show.]

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I can't believe you're "losing" two kids in as many years, but I guess TaxProf is sort of a baby too . . .

Posted by: mike livingston | May 16, 2010 3:39:24 AM

You have every right to be a proud dad!

Posted by: Woody | May 14, 2010 4:17:37 PM's cool Thank you

Posted by: David B.linigan | May 14, 2010 2:18:44 PM

Such a beautiful message and inspiring words to your daughter. I'm sure she will frame those words and keep it to remember. Your wife is a great writer - I believe she can start a business to write for other mothers who cannot come up with such words. Both of you did a wonderful job with your kids. God bless.


Posted by: Huda | May 14, 2010 12:24:49 PM