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Friday, May 14, 2010

Seton Hall Dean to Allow Gov. Christie to Speak at Law School Graduation, Despite Alumni and Faculty Protests

Seton Hall 2 Newark Star-Ledger, Seton Hall Law Alumni, Faculty Pushed to Remove Gov. Christie as Graduation Speaker:

Gov. Chris Christie will remain the speaker at Seton Hall University School of Law’s graduation ceremony later this month despite a push by some alumni and professors to rescind the invitation, school officials said today.

The law school faculty discussed canceling Christie’s speech to protest his recent decision to not reappoint Associate Justice John Wallace to the state Supreme Court, Seton Hall law school Dean Patrick Hobbs said.

Professors debated the idea during a faculty meeting at the Newark law school on Friday. But Hobbs ultimately decided to allow Christie — a Seton Hall law school alumnus — to speak at the May 28 ceremony. ...

Earlier this month, Christie said he would replace Wallace, the only African-American on the court, at the end of his term because he thought the court overstepped its bounds in recent rulings. The announcement angered many Democrats and legal scholars who said the governor is breaking state tradition and interfering with the court’s independence by not renominating a qualified justice. ...

Christopher Adams, an attorney and Seton Hall alumnus, proposed "disinviting" Christie in a four-page letter to Hobbs last week. ...  Hobbs, the law school dean, said he urged the faculty to remember graduation day should be about the students, not politics.
(Hat Tip: Inside Higher Ed.)

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Who wouldn't want to hear a guy like this?

Video: Gov. Chris Christie(R-NJ) Puts A Liberal Reporter In His Place!

Posted by: Woody | May 14, 2010 4:11:21 PM

Someone ought to do a study of protests against graduation speakers. My anecdotal impression is every year there are quite a few, but that the protests are always coming from the left.

Posted by: Daniel | May 14, 2010 11:50:32 AM

Can't some people put aside their petty politics and think of the students for just once? This is similar to the Illinois school board not letting a high school girls team compete in Arizona. If you can't debate facts, then protest, boycott, smear, and censor. It's the same old formula.

Christie is the governor, for heaven's sake, and he's doing what he is legally authorized to do and a lot of things that should have been done before him. Apparently, to some, tolerance is okay as long as it's their kind of tolerance.

And, "disinvite" rude.

Posted by: Woody | May 14, 2010 8:31:35 AM