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Monday, March 15, 2010

March 15: Where Will Tax Profs Be Next Year?

Today is March 15, the AALS deadline for faculty to accept a lateral offer and for law schools to make visiting offers, for the 2010-11 academic year:

Statement of Good Practices for the Recruitment of and Resignation by Full-Time Faculty Members
The Association of American Law Schools recognizes that the mobility of law teachers among law schools and other professional positions is both inevitable and desirable. Yet the departure of a full-time law teacher always requires changes at the law school. Unless the school is given sufficient time to make the necessary arrangements to find another to offer the instruction given by the departing teacher, the reasonable expectations of students will be frustrated and the school's educational program otherwise disrupted. To serve the best interests of the program of legal education from which the teacher is departing and that to which she or he may be going, the Association urges that law schools and law faculty members follow these suggested practices. ...

Offer of Appointment. To permit a full-time faculty member to give due consideration to an offer and timely notice of resignation or request for leave of absence to his or her law school, a law school should make an offer of an indefinite appointment as a teacher during the following academic year no later than March 1 and of a visiting appointment no later than March 15.

Resignation or Request for Leave of Absence. A full-time faculty member should not resign to accept an indefinite appointment as a teacher at another law school during the next academic year later than March 15 nor request leave of absence to accept a visiting appointment as a teacher later than April 1. A law school should not offer an indefinite appointment or visiting position that contemplates that the faculty member resign or request leave of absence at a later date.

Consent of the Dean of the Law School. Even if the dean of the law school on whose faculty the person serves has acquiesced, a law school should not make an offer of an appointment as a teacher to a full-time member of the faculty of a law school more than two months later than the dates stated above and the faculty member should not resign or request leave of absence two months later than the dates stated above.

I am working on my annual post on Tax Prof moves, with information on lateral tax moves, entry-level tax hires,·tax visits (including summer teaching), Tax Profs granted tenure, and Tax Prof retirements.  Please email me information not only about yourself, but also about your schools and tax colleagues at other schools.

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Beware the Ides of March!!

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