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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Economics Blogger and Blog Rankings by Scholarly Impact

Franklin G. Mixon Jr. (Mercer University, Department of Economics) & Kamal P. Upadhyaya (University of New Haven, Department of Economics and Finance) have published Blogometrics, Eastern Economic Journal (2010), vol. 36, pp. 1–10. Here is the abstract:

This study gathers information on a wide array of economics bloggers and blogs in order to develop a ranking of economics bloggers that is based on citations to their academic research. This ranking is used in an iterative process that next presents a ranking of economics blogs that is based on the ranking of economics bloggers, and finally a ranking of economics departments that is based on the ranking of economics blogs. The ranking of blogs included in this study is positively correlated with an external ranking based on their productivity (popularity), whereas the department ranking presented here comports quite well with department rankings in Coupé (2003) and Roessler (2004) that are developed with more traditional measures, such as the impact of the scholarship of an economics department's faculty.

Here are the Top 10 Economics Bloggers by Scholarly Impact:

  1. Gary S. Becker (Chicago), Becker-Posner Blog
  2. Gregory Mankiw (Harvard), Mankiw's Blog
  3. Richard Posner (Chicago), Becker-Posner Blog
  4. Nouriel Roubini (NYU), RGE Monitor
  5. Paul A. Samuelson (MIT), Inside the Economist's Mind
  6. Nicolai J. Foss (Copenhagen), Organizations & Markets
  7. Justin Wolfers (Pennsylvania), Freakonomics
  8. Daniel Hamermesh (Texas), Freakonomics
  9. Richard B. Langlois (Connecticut), Organizations & Markets
  10. Steven D. Levitt (Chicago), Freakonomics

Here are the Top 10 Economics Blogs by Scholarly Impact:

  1. Becker-Posner Blog
  2. Greg Mankiw's Blog
  3. RGE Monitor
  4. Inside the Economist's Mind
  5. Neuroeconomics
  6. Organizations & Markets
  7. Freakonomics
  8. Game Theorist
  9. Vox Baby
  10. John Lott's Blog

(Hat Tip: Greg Mankiw.)

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