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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Reid Adds "BoehTax" to Health Reform Bill

Boehner Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid this morning unveiled his 383-page Manager's Amendment to the health care reform bill (H.R. 3590), which includes a variety of tax-related changes.   Sen. Reid replaced the controversial BoTax -- a 5% tax on elective cosmetic surgery -- with a 10% tax on indoor tanning services, effective July 1, 2010.  Perhaps this should be called the "BoehTax" -- named after the perpetually tanned House Minority Leader John Boehner.  (Recall President Obama's jibe at the White House Correspondent's Dinner:  "[John Boehner and I] have a lot in common. He is a person of color. Although not a color that appears in the natural world.").

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