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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Repetti Delivers Inaugural Kenealy Lecture at BC

Repetti James R. Repetti delivered the inaugural William J. Kenealy Lecture at Boston College.  From the press release:

A leading tax scholar, Repetti's lecture explored the role of economic analysis in determining the future of our tax system. Repetti noted that concerns about fairness, administrability and economic efficiency had traditionally played equal roles in the design of our tax system. In the past twenty years, however, concerns about economic efficiency appear to have become dominant in the debate about the best system. Professor Repetti argued that economic efficiency should not play a greater role in structuring our tax system than concerns about the system's fairness and administrability because the anticipated gains from economic efficiency are no more certain than gains associated with fairness and administrability. ...

Repetti was appointed as the first The Rev. William J. Kenealy, SJ, Professor at the start of this academic year. The Professorship is named in honor of the member of the Law School's first class who went on to serve as dean of the school from 1939-1956.

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