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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tax Lawyer Leads 19 Ducklings to Safety

Make Way ABA Journal: Tax Lawyer Says He Led 19 Ducklings to Safe Harbor in Lake Michigan, by Martha Neil:

When Frank Hahn encountered 19 ducklings and the mama bird at a downtown Chicago skyscraper on Sunday, the retired tax attorney figured their chance of getting safely through busy city traffic to Lake Michigan was about zero.

So he decided to herd the duck family to its obvious destination, across multiple streets and through a daunting array of obstacles—including a flight of 114 stairs and a number of dogs on leashes who found the avian column of considerable interest. En route, Hahn stopped about six cars and a fire truck making a nonemergency trip. He spent about 35 minutes getting all 19 ducklings and their mother to the waterfront unscathed, he estimates in an e-mail to relatives and friends in the local legal community that made its way to the ABA Journal.

Reached by telephone today, Hahn says ... "the scary thing was, I'm looking underneath one of the docks, looking for the ducks, I saw this carp. it must have been 15 inches long, huge," he recounts. "Here's my thought ... that carp could actually suck up one duck for breakfast or lunch in an instant. Hopefully, they're not meat-eaters."

I enjoyed this comment:

His years as a tax lawyer should have prepared him well for this exercise. The ducks are probably alright. A tax lawyer might well not understand, but carp, while omnivorous, are typically bottom-feeders. Although they may go after food on the surface in rare instances, I have never heard of a carp eating a duckling.

(Hat Tip: Michael Mulroney.)

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