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Friday, July 24, 2009

Z-scores in 2010 U.S. News Rankings

Tom Bell (Chapman) has published his wonderful annual listing of the z-scores of each school in the Top 100 of the U.S. News law school rankings. The z-scores measure how well each school performed relative to its peers.  Tom's rankings are especially important in those categories in which U.S. News does not publicly disclose its data (expenditures per student, financial aid per student).  At Cincinnati with our #52 overall ranking, we outperformed in the employed at 9 months (0.12) (14% of ranking), GPA (0.11) (10%), employed at graduation (0.11) (4%), LSAT (0.08) (12.5%), student faculty ratio (0.04) (3%), peer reputation (0.02) (25%), and expenditures per student (0.02) (9.75%); we underperformed in acceptance rate (-0.01) (2.5%), bar passage (-0.01) (2%) and financial aid per student (-0.01) (1.5%); and we were neutral in lawyer/judge reputation (15%) and library resources (0.75%).

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