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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tax Literacy Project

Marjorie Kornhauser (Arizona State) is soliciting funds for her Tax Literacy Project -- "a non-partisan effort to informally educate the public about taxes through popular methods such as web-based games and other internet activities."

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This is a joke right? I can see SNL making a great funny sketch about this...

I have a better idea why don't we teach Congress about how the tax code works maybe trough some games on the internet they can learn how Subpart F works. Get President Obama in on one of those internet games too since his international tax skills need some work as well and after all that we can focus on educating the general public.

Posted by: Clinton | Jul 23, 2009 11:25:24 AM

This is a great project. One of the problems that shows over and over again--whether it is talking about tax increases needed to pay for the military expenditures due to the Iraqi-Afghani conflict, or funding universal health care like most of Europe has had for decades, or reforming international law so that multinational enterprises aren't rewarded for moving money around to tax havens--is the need for an educated citizenry that can appropriately consider the pros and cons of tax proposals. Starting with young people and using methods that they respond to sure beats doing nothing.

Posted by: taxlawyer | Jul 29, 2009 7:22:29 PM

This is a great project and one that I imagine all tax profs would be interested in. I know in my class I'm always looking for creative ways to teach basic tax understanding. I know the first commenter is joking when he says he has a "better idea" but it's the same idea. The ignorance he's complaining about among members of Congress is real, and efforts to ameliorate it are urgently needed. Why not a game or two? I can't wait to see what they are like.

Posted by: taxprof | Jul 30, 2009 8:52:40 AM