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Saturday, July 11, 2009

IRS Not Pursuing 18% of Taxpayers Who Owe >$1m in Taxes

The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration has released a report, Collection Actions Could Be Accelerated on Some Large Dollar Balance Due Accounts (2009-30-090):

On December 22, 2007, there were 2,454 individual taxpayers in the IRS’ potentially collectible inventory who each owed more than $1 million in taxes, penalties, and interest. While the vast majority of these individuals (2,006 of 2,454) were being actively pursued for collection, we identified 448 accounts totaling approximately $1.2 billion that were in the Queue1 (357 accounts) or that had been shelved (91 accounts).

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The old saw about the more money you have the more "equal" the justice applies to the IRS as well. Of course the question that must be answered is
who exactly authorized these "exemptions" and why haven't they been arrested, tried and convicted? Clearly these are huge crimes against America. After all think about how many poor and middle income Americans have been hounded, harrassed and threatened by the IRS and their "colllectors". All the money and time spent collecting a few thousand dollars from the working class while ignoring billions (plus 100's of billions stashed in numbered accounts around the world) The IRS, like virtually every other part of the government is funded by the working class to serve and protect the top 1%.

Posted by: DDearborn | Jul 12, 2009 7:07:09 AM