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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

ABA Dismisses Complaints Over DePaul's Funding of Law School, Firing of Dean

DePaul In today's Chicago Tribune:  DePaul Law School Complaints Fall Flat With ABA; Tiff Over Dean's Firing, Funding Goes Nowhere:

Concerns over the financial affairs at DePaul University's law school -- first raised by the law-school dean who was later fired -- will not affect its status as an accredited institution. The university released a report Monday from the ABA, the accreditation agency for law schools, that concluded the central administration provides sufficient funds to the law school. ...

DePaul spokeswoman Denise Mattson said the ABA came to the "conclusions we anticipated." She added: "It should put to rest any issues that distract from the excellent work of our faculty, students and specialty centers and institutes for which DePaul is so well respected." ...

The ABA's standard on finances broadly states that the resources of a law school shall be adequate to sustain a "sound program." The accreditation committee found that the law school is in compliance with its standard and that Weissenberger's letter had not raised any additional issues, according to its report dated July 23.

Hat Tip: Law School Headlines, ABA Shrugs at Former DePaul Law School Dean’s Complaint.

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Exactly as expected, really: The ABA will never pull a law school's accreditation, they'll just ask for more paperwork. Why did anyone think this would be any different?

Posted by: Jim | Jul 28, 2009 1:17:20 PM

I think losing accreditation is like the nuclear option. No law school can really recover from that. This scandal will help DePaul drop like a rock in the rankings. Maybe it will hang onto its 2nd tier status.

Posted by: HTA | Jul 29, 2009 9:20:10 AM