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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New World Tax Journal

The International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation has launched World Tax Journal, a new, peer-reviewed tax journal:

The objective of the WTJ is to meet the perceived need of the international research community for a scientific journal in the area of international, comparative and regional (e.g. European) taxation with a legal and an economic perspective. This multidisciplinary journal will serve as an outlet for first-rate academic research on both theoretical and empirical aspects of taxation. The focus is trans-national and global. Single-country tax analyses will not be published, unless they have a wider significance transcending several tax jurisdictions. The WTJ will accept articles on issues of social and economic tax and welfare policy, on innovative legal developments, on the design and interpretation of tax laws and treaties, on important tax cases with international relevance, and purely doctrinal articles. Contributions may include additions to existing knowledge, presentation of new methodologies, discussion of policy issues, but also fundamental reflections on untested and unsettled economic and legal problems of taxation. Although the WTJ will also publish shorter articles, it will specifically target longer learned articles, which do not fit in with current tax journals. The inclusion of a special section with case law and book reviews is a possibility.

All contributions will be peer reviewed, except for the publication of proceedings of congresses or symposia.

(Hat Tip: Ruth Mason.)

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