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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Leiter Condemns DePaul's Firing of Dean Glen Weissenberger

Strong words today from Brian Leiter on DePaul's firing of Dean Glen Weissenberger (blogged here, here, and here):

[O]ne suspects [Interim Dean Wolfsom] doesn't know what he's walked into here. What he ought to do is, after a month or so of housekeeping, resign and encourage the Administration to reinstate Dean Weissenberger. If he doesn't, my guess is he will spend most of next year bidding farewell to members of the DePaul faculty. ...

How can the ABA remain silent while a Dean is fired in retaliation for trying to enforce ABA-mandated agreements? ...

I've gotten more details on Provost Epp's conduct (not for publication at this stage), which now officially qualifies as even more scandalous than is already clear from the public record: he will destroy the College of Law if not stopped. Where is the University President? Where is the Board of Trustees? In nearly twenty years in legal academia, I have never seen a law school mistreated like this by a university central administration.

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