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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Albany Trumpets 94% Employment Rate; Unemployed Grads Disagree

From Law School Headlines:

Albany Law School recently released the following statement:

Albany Law Has Beaten National Average for 25 Years Albany Law School today announced a 94% employment rate in legal positions for its 2008 graduating class, outpacing the national average of 90% percent for all law schools. “Our consistent record of employment success is a testament not only to the quality and commitment of our students over the years, but also to the faculty who educate them and the staff who support them,” said President and Dean Thomas F. Guernsey.

According to our angry tipster, this release has not set well with the Albany Law Class of 2008:

This is outrageous. I personally know more than 20 unemployed graduates. MORE THAN 6% OF THE CLASS. The career services wasn’t interested in much of the graduating class filling out the form, as I had to seek it out. ... The student body is livid. Not about the number but about the boasting in the release. The release says nothing about working for $8 an hour, or begging Bank of America to put me on a 35 year payment plan

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I learned once of a school that reported 100 percent employment for its students. Of course, if the student took a job at McDonald's--or if they simply gave up on looking--they counted in the plus column. With this logic, it's not hard to have good numbers.

Posted by: mike livingston | Jun 16, 2009 6:48:54 AM