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Friday, June 5, 2009

4th Annual Junior Tax Scholars' Workshop Kicks Off Today at Brooklyn

The 4th Annual Junior Tax Scholars' Workshop kicks off today at Brooklyn:

Panel #1:  Tax Legislative and Regulatory Process

  • Heather Field (UC-Hastings), Taxpayer Choice in Legal Transitions
  • Commentators: Meredith Conway (Suffolk), Rachelle Holmes (George Mason)
  • Stephanie Hoffer (Ohio State): A Study of Congressional Signaling through Tax Legislation
  • Commentators: Rebecca Kysar (Brooklyn), Adam Rosenzweig (Washington University)
  • Rebecca Kysar (Brooklyn): Lasting Legislation
  • Commentators: Darien Shanske (UC-Hastings), Susie Morse (Santa Clara)
  • Steven Dean: Tax Deregulation
  • Commentators: Heather Field (UC-Hastings), Stephanie Hoffer (Ohio State)

Panel #2:  Issues in Corporate Taxation

  • Meredith Conway (Suffolk): Sleight of Hand and Twist of Fate, I Can’t Live With or Without You: The Fiction of Debt and Equity and the Continuity of Interest Doctrine
  • Commentators: Josh Blank (Rutgers-Newark), Shannon McCormack (UC-Hastings)
  • Susie Morse (Santa Clara): The Policy Lock-In Problem With Ideal Global Formulary Apportionment
  • Commentators: Ruth Mason (UConn), Brad Borden (Washburn)

Panel #3:  Tax Administration and Implementation

  • Ben Leff: Donor Advised Funds and Third-Party Oversight
  • Commentators: Phyllis Smith (Florida State), Heather Field (U-Hastings)
  • Josh Blank (Rutgers-Newark): Not Seeing is Believing: Why Tax Privacy Matters
  • Commentators: Dennis Ventry (UC-Davis), Rachelle Holmes (George Mason)
  • Rachelle Holmes (George Mason): The Tax Lawyer as Gatekeeper
  • Commentators: Dennis Ventry (UC-Davis), Stephanie Hoffer (Ohio State)
  • David Gamage (UC-Berkeley): Experiments on Tax Salience
  • Commentators: Brad Borden (Washburn), Tom Brennan (Northwestern)

Panel #4:  Charitable Taxation

  • Lloyd Mayer (Notre Dame), The “Independent” Sector: Fee-for-Service Charity and the Limits of Autonomy
  • Commentators: Ben Leff (American), Bobby Dexter (Chapman)
  • Shannon McCormack: An Analysis of the Charitable Deduction for Religious Giving
  • Commentators: Lloyd Mayer (Notre Dame), Josh Blank (Rutgers-Newark)

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