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Saturday, June 6, 2009

4th Annual Junior Tax Scholars' Workshop Concludes Today at Brooklyn

The 4th Annual Junior Tax Scholars' Workshop concludes today at Brooklyn:

Panel #5:  Tax Base and Tax Policy

  • Ilan Benshalom (Hebrew University): Values and Valuations? Nirvana Falsies, Genetics and Slippery Slopes—A Critique of the Endowment Tax Consensus
  • Commentators: Sarah Lawsky (George Washington), David Gamage (UC-Berkeley)
  • Brad Borden (Washburn): Inequity Function
  • Commentators: Steven Dean (Brooklyn), Phyllis Smith (Florida A&M)
  • Sarah Lawsky (George Washington): On the Edge: Declining Marginal Utility and Tax Policy
  • Commentators: Ilan Benshalom (Hebrew University), Shannon McCormack (UC-Davis)
  • Dennis Ventry (UC-Davis): The American Nightmare: Tax Subsidies for Home Ownership
  • Commentators: Lloyd Mayer (Notre Dame), Susie Morse (Santa Clara)

Panel #6:  Federalism and the Tax Laws

  • Phyllis Smith (Florida A&M): The Estate and Gift Tax Implications of Self-Settled Domestic Asset Protection Trusts: Can You Really Have Your Cake and Eat it Too?
  • Commentators: Ben Leff (Amerian), Darien Shanske (UC-Hastings)
  • Ruth Mason (UConn): Federalism and Tax Expenditures
  • Commentators: David Gamage (UC-Berkeley), Rebecca Kysar (Brooklyn)
  • Darien Shanske (U-Hastings): The Supreme Court and the New Public Finance: A Defense
  • Commentators: Ruth Mason (UConn), Tom Brennan (Northwestern)

Panel #7:  Taxation of Financial Instruments

  • Bobby Dexter (Chapman): Rethinking “Insurance” after A.I.G.
  • Commentators: Adam Rosenzweig (Washington University), Meredith Conway (Suffolk)
  • Tom Brennan (Northwestern): Swapping Stories of Interest
  • Commentators: Sarah Lawsky (George Washington), Bobby Dexter (Chapman)
  • Adam Rosenzweig (Washington University): Catching the Snipe: Are Offshore Investment Funds Beyond the Tax Law?
  • Commentators: Ilan Benshalom (Hebrew University), Steven Dean (Brooklyn)

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