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Thursday, April 16, 2009

UCLA Launches 1-Year Transition to Practice LL.M. Program for Jobless 3Ls

UCLA yesterday announced a Transition to Practice LL.M. Program, which will allow jobless and job-deferred 3Ls to take an extra year of classes to teach them the skills and practices they would have learned as first-year associates:

A core component of the Transition to Practice program will be capstone courses that will draw heavily on practice-oriented projects in addition to substantial research and written work. Capstone courses will include part-time externships within corporate legal departments, as well as clinical simulations, where students work with real legal problems in a controlled environment that permits reflection and generalization of lessons learned. The Transition to Practice program will also include a required workshop series designed to introduce students to the practical issues that confront new lawyers, ranging from how to define a work-product to understanding a client's business and goals, and handling practical problems of ethics and confidentiality. Capstone classes will be taught both by the core faculty of the law school and prominent practicing lawyers. The law school expects to develop curriculum in conjunction with leading law firms and corporate legal departments and to draw on the expertise of the Los Angeles legal community.

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