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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tax Analysts Launches

Tax Analysts has launched, self-described as "The Tax Daily for the Citizen Taxpayer": brings you relevant and provocative opinions on today's tax issues and creates a forum to discuss the practical impact of tax policy decisions. You will also find useful information on the tax implications of life events and on how to minimize your tax burden--all in a way that keeps you entertained as well as educated.

The initial posts are by Tax Analysts heavyweights Chris Bergin (Holy Smokes, We're Going Broke; Welcome to, Martin Sullivan (Going in Style: The Cost of Rich People's Funerals; G-20: "The Era of Banking Secrecy Is Over"; The Slow Road to Hell), and Joe Thorndike (Soak the Middle Class; Is It Time Yet?; I Hear She Has an Unpaid Parking Ticket, Too).  TaxProf Blog is one of the six featured sites as Other Sites of Interest: Our Friends in the Know and Places You Can Go for Help.

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