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Monday, April 20, 2009

Early Release of 2010 U.S. News Tax Rankings

Although the 2010 U.S. News Law School Tax Rankings will not be released until Thursday, April 23, the Top 10 list appearing in the magazine has been published on the Internet.  Perhaps the biggest development is Georgetown moving up to #2 (tied with Florida): 

  • 1.  NYU (#1 last year)
  • 2.  Florida (#2)
  • 2.  Georgetown (#3)
  • 4.  Northwestern (#4)
  • 5.  Harvard (#6)
  • 6.  Boston University (#8)
  • 6.  UCLA (#5)
  • 6.  Miami (#6)
  • 9.  Michigan (#10)
  • 10. Stanford (#13)

I will publish the complete Top 25 Tax Rankings when they become available on Thursday (if not earlier).  For the 2009 tax rankings, see here.

Update:  For the release of the full 2010 U.S. News Tax Rankings of the Top 24 schools, see here.

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I go to a low tier school (Western State University College of Law).

I wish that our tax program was ranked high like these schools. Unfortunately, it will never happen because there is only one tax related course there and they have been using the same long running professor at that school, which I heard was a problem because the teacher is a "bully" and likes to intimidate students.

As a result, I now FEAR taking that class.

We have a great learning atmosphere don't we? : )

Posted by: Joo Hyun Sool | Apr 23, 2009 4:17:51 PM