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Friday, April 24, 2009

Burman: A Blueprint for Tax Reform and Health Reform

Len Burman (Co-Director, Tax Policy Center) has published A Blueprint for Tax Reform and Health Reform, 28 Va Tax Rev. 287 (2009).  Here is the abstract:

Burman outlines a plan for tax reform that would maintain progressivity, raise enough revenues to finance the government, and dovetail with plans to provide universal access to health insurance. It would combine a value-added tax (VAT) dedicated to pay for a new universal health insurance voucher with a vastly simplified and much flatter income tax. With a new financing source for health care, income tax rates could be cut sharply—the top rates could be cut to 25% or less. The health care voucher would also offset the inherent regressivity of a VAT. And, under the simplified system, most Americans would not have to file income tax returns.

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