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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Law Professor Social Network

Brian Leiter (Chicago) flagged this fascinating paper on SSRN, Reproduction of Hierarchy? A Social Network Analysis of the American Law Professoriate, which uses network science in examining the social structure of the 7,200 tenure-track and tenured law professors at the 184 ABA-approved law schools.  For each professor, the authors compared the U.S. News rank of the law school from which the professor graduated and the law school at which the professor works:

Network Prof Chart

The authors then constructed this network chart, showing the core law schools feeding the most law school faculty as Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Michigan, Chicago, NYU, Stanford, and UC-Berkeley :

Network Chart

Brian Leiter lists the Top 20 feeder law schools for law faculty positions from this data on both a per capita and absolute basis; here are the Top 5 law schools under both measures:

School Chart

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Not only an interesting topic, but an interesting example of empirical research and data presentation. Thanks for flagging this.

Posted by: S | Mar 18, 2009 8:15:41 AM