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Monday, March 16, 2009

Jensen Named Editor of Journal of Taxation of Investments

Erik M. Jensen (Case Western) is the new editor of the Journal of Taxation of Investments, published by Civic Research Institute:

This isn't a "scholarly" publication; it's aimed at a non-academic audience of investors and their advisors. But, as we all know, the distinction between the practical and the theoretical in tax law is a tenuous one, and I welcome articles not only from practitioners but also from the tax academy. A number of academics serve on the board, and many have written for JTI over the years. In short, this is an opportunity to put promotion-and-tenure issues to the side and to focus on matters that lend themselves to nice 10-25 page discussions-—footnoted, but not overdone. (You can expand the piece for promotion purposes later.) I interpret "investments" broadly—-indeed, I interpret "taxation" broadly as well-—but remember the audience.

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