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Thursday, February 12, 2009

HeinOnline Citation Rankings

HeinOnline has released the 50 Most Cited Authors among the 150,000 authors in its Law Journal Library as determined by its new ScholarCheck citation analysis tool.  The list includes the number of articles written by each author as well as the cumulative number of times the author's articles have been cited in Hein's database of over 1,200 law journals and 1,000,000 articles.  The Top 10 are:

  1. Richard A. Posner:  12,586 cites, 251 articles
  2. Cass R. Sunstein:  11,521 cites, 267 articles
  3. Richard A. Epstein:  6,194 cites, 272 articles
  4. Frank H. Easterbrook:  6,018 cites, 84 articles
  5. William L. Prosser:  5,585 cites, 55 articles
  6. John C. Coffee:  5,196 cites, 68 articles
  7. Richard Delgado:  5,165 cites, 145 articles
  8. William N. Eskridge, Jr.:  5,029 cites, 69 articles
  9. Roscoe Pound:  4,869 cites, 284 articles
  10. Daniel R. Fischel:  4,703 cites, 43 articles

The only Tax Prof in the Top 50 is Erwin Griswold at #45:  2,614 cites, 121 articles.

Of the Top 50, 96% are men and 98% are white. (Hat Tip: Law Librarian Blog.)

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Does this mean that law and econ people have so little original to say that they must cite each other constantly?

Posted by: roscoe5 | Feb 12, 2009 9:31:09 PM

How many are dead?

Posted by: Jack | Feb 12, 2009 9:24:31 AM

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Posted by: Benjamin Wolf | Feb 12, 2009 8:52:19 AM

It's hard to avoid that the top four and I think five of ten are or were associated with Chicago, with almost none coming from Yale or Harvard (at least, not when they did their most important work). How the latter can maintain their reputations as the most "influential" law schools is quite fascinating to me. Perhaps they'll hire the remaining people on the list (including dead ones) to even things up.

Posted by: mike livingston | Feb 12, 2009 8:23:08 AM