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Monday, January 26, 2009

July 2008 California Bar Results, by School

The July 2008 California bar passage rates by school are out.  For first-time takers, the overall pass rates were 74.8% for all takers and 83.2% for graduates of the twenty California ABA-approved law schools.

The results by gender:

  • Female:  75.4% overall, 83.6% CA ABA-approved
  • Male:  74.3% overall, 82.4% CA ABA-approved

The results by race:

  • White:  79.5% overall, 86.6% CA ABA-approved
  • Asian:  71.1% overall, 80.1% CA ABA-approved
  • Hispanic:  64.4% overall, 76.3% CA ABA-approved
  • Other Minority:  64.5% overall, 73.5% CA ABA-approved
  • Black:  52.7% overall, 68.4% CA ABA-approved

The results by school (along with U.S. News rank) [click on chart to enlarge]:

CA Bar Pass

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Damn Stanford pwned. Maybe other Law Schools should consider the Stanford methodology, 97% is pretty damn respectable, especially on the toughest bar in the nation. It'd be insteresting to compare Stanford v. Yale v. Harvard score on the Multistate Bar Exam, and if Stanford won that one, it's pretty damn clear that grades are more harmful then useful, especially in Law Schools.

Posted by: Hmm | Feb 1, 2009 11:26:23 PM

Stanford? It just shows what happens when you enact a no-grades policy so that students cooperate in learning instead of cutting each others throats and hiding the ball all during the academic year.

Posted by: Professor Schmuck | Jan 29, 2009 5:16:17 AM

Wow, Stanford got an amazing pass rate.

Posted by: | Jan 26, 2009 2:12:43 PM