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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tax Blogging for Fun and Profit

Tax Analysts Billy Hamilton (Deputy Comptroller, Office of the Comptroller of Public Accounts (1990-2006) has published Tax Blogging for Fun and Profit, 50 State Tax Notes 595 (Dec. 1, 2008):

Alan E. Sherman [is] ... the proprietor of the Texas State & Local Tax Law Blog. ... Sherman's blog is useful and informative, particularly if you happen to have an interest in Texas tax policy ... "Blogging allows me to say something about my profession while scratching the itch of wanting to write. My goal is to explain how state tax laws work in a clear way."

It may also, he thinks, attract some business, although the Texas State Bar Association seems to feel more strongly about that proposition than Sherman does. ...  He said the bar considers blogs to be a form of advertising, and so the hardest part of starting a blog was going through the bar's approval process for attorney advertising. ...

He says that there are a handful of tax attorneys who have blogs, but the number isn't as large as you might imagine. The large law firms haven't gotten involved to any great degree. "A lot of the big firms worry about conflicts of interest. They could take on a new client and have featured something in a blog that might present a conflict. As a solo practitioner, I have more flexibility." ...

I asked him what blogs the blogmeister himself follows. There are several, a number of which are listed in a separate area of the blog. ...  Sherman's also a fan of Prof. Paul Caron's TaxProf Blog. Caron is a professor at the University of Cincinnati College of Law. TaxProf is one of the most frequently cited tax blogs nationally, and it was one of the first ones I ran across when I wrote my earlier article. In fact, since blogs tend to cross-reference one another, it's difficult to miss the TaxProf Blog, since just about everyone who has a tax blog cites Caron's work. He has a wider range of interest than one state's tax policy and features not only current federal and state tax cases from across the nation but also links to academic tax law research and even graduate papers on tax topics.

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