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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

11th Circuit Affirms Tax Conviction of Creation Science Evangelist

Hovind I previously blogged the criminal tax case of Kent Hovind, the self-styled Dr. Dino of Creation Science Evanfelism and owner of the defunct Dinosaur Adventure Land Theme Park, Science Center, and Museum.  The Eleventh Circuit yesterday affirmed the conviction and sentence of Mr. Hovind (for failing to collect and pay employment withholding taxes, obstructing tax laws, and structuring transactions to avoid financial reporting laws) and of his wife (for structuring transactions to avoid reporting laws).  United States v. Hovind, No. 07-10090 (11th Cir. Dec. 30, 2008).

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Boo Hoo. But I just wish I could understand the "mind" behind the concept of a Dino theme park to fit within young Earth parameters????? Are there really people that abjectly ignorant? Wait...don't we have a sitting President who thinks that way? Who voted for him? Help!

Posted by: ApeApeMan | Jan 3, 2009 4:57:42 AM

If only such genuine justice could be applied a bit more evenly to the rest of the state's frauds, t'would be a better world indeed.

Posted by: Em Finn | Jan 2, 2009 5:28:10 PM

Will this put him either 1) in jail or 2) in the poor house?

If so, then I say Yabba-dabba-dooo!

If not, then it's just not that big a deal, unless he's inspired to off himself out of shame...but, being he's an "fundie", he's already immune to that....

Posted by: woody | Jan 2, 2009 5:27:13 PM

It's good to see that Hovind will be kept out of mischief for a while, thanks to his contempt for the tax laws. His larger crime,though, carries no penalty. I refer, of course, to his attempts to rewrite science to align with his imagination, damaging the education of children. People like him deserve no respect.

Posted by: John Swindle | Jan 2, 2009 5:27:13 PM

Well that's some good news. Couldn't happen to a better guy.

Did I say "better"? I meant more deserving.

Posted by: Leon | Jan 2, 2009 5:26:18 PM