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Thursday, November 13, 2008

2008 Tannenwald Writing Competition Results

Results in the 2008 Tannenwald Writing Competition, sponsored by the Theodore Tannenwald, Jr. Foundation for Excellence in Tax Scholarship and the American College of Tax Counsel:

First Prize ($3,500):  Kathryn A. Fuehrmeyer (Notre Dame), Cutting Out the Middleman:  Allowing Offshore Debt-Financed Investments by Tax Exempt Organizations.  Faculty Sponsore:  Lloyd H. Mayer.

Second Prize ($2,500):  Andrew D. Appleby (Wake Forest), How the IRS Should Tax Record-Setting Baseballs and Other Found Property Under the Treasure Trove Regulation.  Faculty Sponsor:  Joel S. Newman. 

Third Prize ($1,500):  Leslie J. Carter (Chicago), Blowing the Whistle on Avoiding Use Tax on Online Purchases.  Faculty Sponsor:  Julie Roin.

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