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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Call for Tax Papers: Law & Society Annual Meeting

Law_societyNeil H. Buchanan (George Washington) has issued his annual call on the TaxProf Email Discussion Group for Tax Profs to join with him in organizing one or more tax panels for next year's annual meeting of the Law & Society Association in Denver, Colorado on May 28 through May 31, 2008 (reprinted here with permission):

Once again this year, tax-related sessions at L&S will be organized under the official auspices of the "Law, Society, and Taxation" group. In addition, I am serving on this year's conference program committee.

In 2005, we held 3 tax-related panels in Las Vegas. In 2006, we held 6 tax-related panels in Baltimore. In 2007, we held 7 tax-related panels in Berlin. And in 2008, we held 14 tax-related panels in Montreal. How long before every tax professor on earth is involved in our tax sessions?!

The official call for papers is very broad, and it includes an important disclaimer: "As with every Annual Meeting, panels need not be centered on the conference theme. Submissions on any law and society topic are welcome." Therefore, we will continue to welcome as wide a range of subject matters and approaches as possible, and I will do everything possible to organize proposed papers into panels. This year, I would also like to encourage crossover between tax and non-tax scholars; so if you know of someone who might have a paper to present in a field that has subject matter in common with tax (i.e., everything), please encourage them to submit a proposal.

If you have an idea for a paper that you would like to present, please send me the following: a proposed title, a description (of two sentences or less) of the likely content of the paper, and the basic subject area of the paper (e.g., comparative, partnership, gender, budget). Please do not send an abstract at this point. The actual drafts will not be due until one month before the conference, i.e., next April. You will be able to change the title (and even the subject matter, within reason) later, as necessary.

Participants may present papers in one or two sessions. If you have two ideas brewing, feel free to propose both.

If you have an idea for a complete session, please feel free to submit three or four papers together in one proposal. In addition to the information above, please provide a proposed title for the session as well as email addresses for all participants.

It is also possible to propose Roundtable Discussion sessions (which do not involve formal papers) and Book sessions (author-meets-three-or-more-readers).

Finally, you may also volunteer to be a chair/discussant, either for a specific panel or as needed.

The deadline for submitting ideas to me is Monday, Dec. 1, 2008. This will give me a week to organize the panels and submit them in time for the official deadline. YOU DO NOT NEED TO SUBMIT YOUR PROPOSAL (YET) ON THE LAW & SOCIETY WEBSITE. In December, I will send out an email with a list of all proposed panels as well as the necessary information to register on the L&S website.

Denver is a vibrant city in a beautiful setting, and the conference is being held in late Spring. It should be a wonderful event. I look forward to seeing friends old and new there.

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