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Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Tax Advisors' Guide to the Canada - U.S. Tax Treaty

David Kerzner, Vitaly Timokhov & David Chodikoff have published The Tax Advisors' Guide to the Canada - U.S. Tax Treaty (Thomson-Carswell, 2008):

This book is a unique cross border tax service that comprises “three books” in one. The service combines three subjects of international tax law: Canadian International Taxation (Inbound); U.S. International Taxation (Inbound); and Treaty Taxation. The volume, prepared by cross border tax experts, identifies and explains the detailed Canadian and U.S. domestic tax rules applicable to each Treaty Article. This multi-source research tool provides a cross border technical road map to enable the tax advisor to quickly identify and understand the critical domestic and Treaty issues that may require attention in planning and advising clients.

This one-stop reference book, through its supplemented format, provides up-to date and practical advice to tax practitioners for cross border business transactions, investments, services (including employee relocation), individual taxation, estate planning, and compliance. The volume incorporates the language of the Fifth Protocol, September 21, 2007, and the latest commentary.

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Another recently published U.S.-Canada treaty resource is Permanent Establishment in the United States: A View Through Article V of the U.S.-Canada Tax Treaty, Vandeplas Publishing, 2007. It was reviewed in the Current Tax Reading feature of Canadian Tax Journal, vol. 56, no. 1 (2008) (available at According to, the book is available in 41 university libraries.

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