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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Publication Study of Faculty at Non-Top 50 Law Schools

Last fall, I blogged a publication study of the faculties at Tier 3 and Tier 4 law schools (as well as the New England law schools) by Michael J. Yelnosky (Roger Williams).  This year, Michael is expanding the study to include all law schools ranked 51 or lower by U.S. News (as well as the New England schools in the Top 50).  As before, the study uses methodology developed by Brian Leiter, with one change: although Brian focused exclusively on The Top 20 journals, this study examines the Top 50 journals, defined as the general law reviews published by the 54 schools receiving the highest U.S. News peer assessment scores (2.8 or higher), plus an additional 14 journals that appear in the top 50 of the Washington & Lee Law Journal Combined Rankings.  (See here for an alphabetical listing of those journals.)

Michael is emailing each school's preliminary data to the appropriate dean or professor to correct any inaccuracies before the study is published in the fall.  I will, of course, blog the study upon its publication.

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