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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

TaxProf Blog Named "Top 100 Law and Lawyer Blog"

TaxProf Blog has been named one of the The Top 100 Law and Lawyer Blogs by Criminal Justice Degrees Guide.  In particular, TaxProf Blog is one of the fifteen blogs named in the Law Professors category along with über blogs such as InstaPundit, Lessig, and The Volokh Conspiracy.  I am particularly proud that six of the fifteen law professor blogs honored are members of our Law Professor Blogs Network:

In addition, our Chinese Law Prof Blog is named in the Foreign Law category and Legal Profession Blog is named in the Legal Ethics category.

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As a regular reader, I agree TaxProf Blog is well-deserving of "Top 100" status. And the same holds for your colleagues in the Law Professor Blogs Network.

However, the "Criminal Justice Degrees Guide" appears to be nothing more than a listing of DeVry, Kaplan and ITT Tech campuses. Perhaps accordingly, their "top 100" list include some dubious choices. For example, the blog listed at #13 has only seven postings in the last six months. #45 hasn't been updated since January. Not to mention the omission of some rather notable, "flag-ship" legal blogs (Balkin, Leiter, Solum, etc.)

Posted by: Anonymous | Jul 2, 2008 2:28:24 PM