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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

LexisNexis Publishes U.S. International Taxation

On behalf of LexisNexis and the Graduate Tax Series Board of Editors (Ellen Aprill (Loyola-L.A.), Elliott Manning (Miami), Philip Postlewaite (Northwestern) & David Richardson (Florida)), I am delighted to announced the publication of United States International Taxation (2008), by Allison Christians (Wisconsin), Samuel Donaldson (Washington) &  Philip Postlewaite (Northwestern).  The book is the successor to International Taxation:  Cases, Materials, and Problems (Anderson, 1999), by Philip Postlewaite (Northwestern) & Samuel Donaldson (Washington).

The Graduate Tax Series is the first series of course materials designed for use in tax LL.M. programs. Like all books in the Series, United States International Taxation was designed from the ground-up with the needs of graduate tax faculty and students in mind:

  • More focus on Internal Revenue Code and regulations, less on case law
  • Analysis of complex, practice-oriented problems of increasing sophistication
  • Teacher’s manual with solutions to problems and other guidance
  • On-line access to the comprehensive and current Code and regulations, designed to complement the book

Four other books in the Series also are available for adoption now:

Other forthcoming books in the Series are:

  • Bankruptcy Taxation, by Frances Hill (Miami) & William Lyons (Nebraska)
  • Estate and Gift Taxation, by Robert Danforth (Washington & Lee) & Brant Hellwig (South Carolina)
  • Federal Corporate Income Taxation, by Charlotte Crane (Northwestern) & Linda Beale (Wayne State)
  • Federal Taxation of Property Transactions, by Elliott Manning (Miami) & David Cameron (Northwestern)
  • Tax Crimes, by Steve Johnson (UNLV), Scott Schumacher (Washington), Larry Campagna (Chamberlain Hrdicka, Houston) & John Townsend (Townsend & Jones, Houston)
  • Tax Practice Ethics, by Linda Galler (Hofstra) & Michael Lang (Chapman)

Other information:

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As one of Professor Christian's students, I had the opportunity to use a draft version of this book for class. Her materials were well-written and informative and I highly recommend this book for International Tax classes.

Posted by: Wendy Richards | Jul 15, 2008 10:09:31 AM