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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Maine Supreme Court Shoots Down Plans for Second State Law School

The Maine Supreme Court has effectively shot down efforts to start a second law school in the state by ruling that it would not allow graduates of the proposed school at Husson College to take the bar exam.  In re Petition of Huson College School of Law, No. SJC-242 (Me. 6/3/08):

Husson plans ... an initial class of twenty students, increasing eventually to twenty-five students per year. ... Husson asserted that its law school would not initially seek ABA accreditation, due to the high capital investment required, but would strive to implement all ABA standards where appropriate and position itself for future accreditation. At the public hearing, Husson stated that it did not expect to apply for ABA accreditation. ...

Husson’s proposal to open a law school to serve central and northern Maine represents a laudable goal. Unfortunately, the request has come to us before Husson has had the opportunity to respond to the reviewing team’s concerns, to identify an accreditation process specific to legal education, or to establish a baseline of legal education at Husson. We must, therefore, deny the request without prejudice.

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