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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Joint Tax Committee Releases Report on IRS Disclosures of Tax Return Information, 2007

The Joint Committee on Taxation yesterday released Disclosure Report for Public Inspection Pursuant to Internal Revenue Code Section 6103(p)(3)(C) for Calendar Year 2007 (JCX-47-08). Here is the Introduction:

Section 6103(p)(3)(C) of the Internal Revenue Code provides that the Secretary of the Treasury shall, within 90 days after the close of each calendar year, furnish to the Joint Committee on Taxation for disclosure to the public a report which provides with respect to each Federal agency and certain other entities the number of: (1) requests for disclosure of returns and return information (as such terms are defined in § 6103(b)); (2) instances in which returns and return information were disclosed pursuant to such requests or otherwise; and (3) taxpayers whose returns, or return information with respect to whom, were disclosed pursuant to such requests. In addition, the report must describe the general purposes for which such requests were made.

Pursuant to § 6103(p)(3)(C), the IRS prepared a disclosure report for public inspection covering calendar year 2007. This document sets forth the report of the IRS.

The report reveals that the IRS made 4.5 billion disclosures of tax return information to federal and state agencies. Here are the Top 5 recipients of taxpayer information:

  1. States:  3,056,204,124 disclosures
  2. Bureau of Census:  1,168,111,972 disclosures
  3. Congressional Committees:  232,647,366 disclosures
  4. Medicare Premium Subsidy Adjustment:  35,709,109 disclosures
  5. Child Support Enforcement Agencies:  12,788,428 disclosures

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Okay, so there were a lot of disclosures. The only ones that bother me are the 232 million to Congressional Committees. It doesn't seem that the President got any of them - but then he is a Republican.

Posted by: Gandalf | Jun 5, 2008 4:05:12 PM

Is that a typo from the Commish or did IRS release an average of 15 releases for every man, woman and child in America?

Posted by: GM Roper | Jun 5, 2008 2:11:22 PM

So, there were on average nearly 10 disclosures per person (including minors) by the IRS in one year to just the states themselves, three for the Census, and one for Congressional committees?! Before my tinfoil hat melts and incredulity at governmental inefficiency explodes, what constitutes a disclosure? A single datum? Or each instance where data is sent?

Posted by: nerdbert | Jun 5, 2008 12:02:31 PM