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Friday, May 30, 2008

Tax Profs at Law & Society Annual Meeting

Here are the Tax Profs with speaking roles at the three-day Law & Society Annual Meeting in Montreal:

Law, Society, and Taxation #1 -- Tax and Budget Issues Facing the Next U.S. President

  • Lisa Philipps (York University) (Chair/Discussant)
  • Cheryl Block (Washington University), Earmarks and Budget Process Reform
  • Neil H. Buchanan (George Washington), What Do We Owe Future Generations? Part 3: Environmental Constraints on Economic Growth
  • Bobby L. Dexter (Chapman), Serfs at the Mercy of a Hungry Beast
  • Jon Forman (Oklahoma), Tax and Budget Issues Facing the New President

Law, Society, and Taxation #2 -- Family and Taxes

  • Roberta Mann (Widener) (Chair/Discussant)
  • Richard Beck (New York Law School), Tax Treatment of Child Support
  • Wendy Gerzog (Baltimore), Families for Tax Purposes: What about the Steps?
  • Reginald Mombrun (Florida A&M), An End to the Deadbeat Dad Dilemma? Puncturing the Paradigm by Allowing a Deduction for Child Support Payments
  • Michael J. Waggoner (Colorado), Section 71 Impoverishes Children, Endamgers Ex-Wives, and Creates Traps for the Poorly-Advised

Law, Society, and Taxation #3 -- Author Meets Reader:  The Faithless Fiduciary and the Elusive Quest for Nonprofit Accountability

  • Ann Thomas (New York Law School) (Chair)
  • James J. Fishman (Pace) (author)
  • Evan J. Criddle (Syracuse) (reader)
  • Nina J. Crimm (St. John's) (reader)
  • Norman I. Silber (Hofstra) (reader)

Law, Society, and Taxation #4 -- Roundtable:  Same-Sex Tax Issues in Transnational Perspective: Canada and the United States

  • Lee-Ford Tritt (Florida) (Chair)
  • Anthony C. Infanti (Pittsburgh)
  • Toni Robinson (Quinnipiac)
  • Claire Young (University of British Columbia)

Law, Society, and Taxation #5 -- Roundtable:  The Future of Critical Tax Scholarship

  • Bridget J. Crawford (Pace) (Chair)
  • Anthony C. Infanti (Pittsburgh)
  • Kathleen Lahey (Queen's University)
  • Beverly I. Moran (Vanderbilt)

Law, Society, and Taxation #6 -- Taxation as a Global Socio-Legal Phenomenon

  • Karen Brown (George Washington) (Chair/Discussant)
  • Allison Christians (Wisconsin), Does U.S. Tax Policy Breach International Law?
  • Steven A. Dean (Brooklyn), Law School Tax Deharmonization: Radical Asymmetry in the International Tax Regime
  • Diane M. Ring (Boston College), The Role of Sovereignty in International Taxation
  • Adam Rosenzweig (Washington University), The Expressive Function of International Tax Law

Law, Society, and Taxation #7 -- Author Meets Reader:  Making America Work

  • Richard Schmalbeck (Duke) (Chair)
  • Jon Forman (Oklahoma) (author)
  • Cheryl Block (Washington University) (reader)
  • Bobby L. Dexter (Chapman) (reader)
  • Brian D. Galle (Florida State) (reader)

Law, Society, and Taxation #8 -- Fraud, Evasion, Valuation, and Tax Compliance

  • Jeffrey A. Cooper (Quinnipiac) (Chair/Discussant)
  • Linda M. Beale (Wayne State), Tax Advisers as First Interpreters
  • Wendy Gerzog (Baltimore), Valuation Discounting Techniques: Terms Gone Awry
  • Sarah Lawsky (George Washington), Probably? Understanding Statements about Risk and Uncertainty in Tax Law Law

Society, and Taxation #9 -- Taxing Fictions: Corporations and Entities as Taxpayers

  • Debra Davis (Reish Luftman Reicher & Cohen) (Chair/Discussant)
  • Bradley Borden (Washburn), Taxing Public and Private TICs
  • Walter Schwidetzky (California Western), Integrating Subchapters S and K
  • Richard Winchester (Thomas Jefferson), Corporations That Aren't: The Early Years of the Modern Income Tax

Law, Society, and Taxation #10 -- The Tax Treatment of Mutable and Immutable Differences: Race, Religion, and Sexuality

  • Sarah Lawsky (George Washington) (Chair/Discussant)
  • Karen Brown (George Washington), Are Blacks Overtaxed?
  • Patricia Cain (Santa Clara), The Federal/State Tax Problem for Same Sex Couples
  • Roberta Mann (Widener), Is Mohammed's Castle Deductible? Islam and the Tax Treatment of Mortgage Debt
  • Richard Schmalbeck (Duke), 501 (Say What?): Proposing a New Exempt Category for Churches

Law, Society, and Taxation #11 -- Culture, Development, and Comparative Tax Analysis

  • Diane M. Ring (Boston College) (Chair/Discussant)
  • J. Clifton Fleming, Jr. (BYU) & Robert J. Peroni (Texas), Better Than Exemption
  • Ruth Mason (Connecticut), Globalization, Progressivity, and Personal Tax Benefits
  • Irma Johanna Mosquera Valderrama (Utrecht University), The Interaction of Tax Systems and Tax Cultures in an International Order for Taxation

Law, Society, and Taxation #12 -- Issues in International Taxation

  • Irma Johanna Mosquera Valderrama (Utrecht University (Chair/Discussant)
  • Kim Brooks (McGill University), Building on Musgrave: Is there Anything New to Say about Inter-Nation Equity?
  • Arthur Cockfield (Queen's University), Protecting Taxpayer Privacy Under Enhanced Cross-Border Tax Information Exchange
  • J. Clifton Fleming, Jr. (BYU), Robert J. Peroni (Texas) & Stephen E. Shay (Ropes & Gray), Worldwide vs.Territorial Taxation
  • Sol Picciotto (Lancaster University), The International Crisis of Income Taxation: Combating Tax Havens, Capital Flight, and Corruption

Law, Society, and Taxation #13 -- Justice, Equality, and Fairness

  • Allison Christians (Wisconsin) (Chair/Discussant)
  • Charlotte Crane (Northwestern), Which Promises Should We Keep? Of Roth IRAs, Rate Changes, and Tax Base Changes
  • Joseph Dodge (Florida State), The Content of an Ability-to-Pay Income Tax
  • Brian D. Galle (Florida State), Democracy v. Welfare: Hidden Taxes and Optimal Taxation
  • Lisa Philipps (York University), Equality Rights Challenges to Tax Legislation

Law, Society, and Taxation #14 -- Administrative Issues of Taxation

  • Ruth Mason (Connecticut) (Chair/Discussant)
  • Linda M. Beale (Wayne State), Ability To Pay or Not to Pay: Taxpayer Elections and the Integrity of the Tax System
  • Debra Davis (Reish Luftman Reicher & Cohen), Who Should Employees Trust? Evaluating the Employer-Based Retirement System
  • Stephanie R. Hoffer (Ohio State), Tax Issues in Identity Theft
  • John A. Miller (Idaho) & Robert Pikowsky (Georgia Institute of Technology), Taxation and the Sabbatical: Doctrine, Planning, and Policy

Law, Society, and Taxation -- The Intersection of Public and Private Work

  • Neil H. Buchanan (George Washington) (Chair/Discussant)
  • Ellen Dannin (Penn State), The High Cost of Low-Waged Jobs: A Tale of Privatization, People with Disabilities, and Low-Waged Work
  • Robert M. Dannin (Suffolk), The Social Conflict Over School Choice in Ohio
  • Peggie R. Smith (Iowa), Compensating Family Members as Paid Caregivers: Lessons for Feminist Theory and Implications for Employment Law
  • Michael A. Zuckerman (Cornell), The Offshoring of American Government

Creating New Knowledge and Exploring New Approaches in the Law of Donative Transfers

  • E. Gary Spitko (Santa Clara) (Chair/Discussant)
  • Patricia Cain (Santa Clara), Proposal for an Estate Tax that Is Fair for Same Sex Couples
  • Mary L. Fellows (Minnesota) &E. Gary Spitko (Santa Clara), An Empirical Study of Will Substitutes: The Creation of New Knowledge to Challenge Old Assumptions
  • Ray Madoff (Boston College), Creating New Knowledge and Exploring New Approaches to the Law of Donative Transfers
  • Lee-Ford Tritt (Florida), Sperms and Estates: The Unintended Estate Planning Consequences of Sperm Donations

Historical Perspectives on Corporate Law

  • Richard Winchester (Thomas Jefferson), Corporations That Aren't: The Early Years of the Modern Income Tax

How the State Constitutes Race in Diverse Contexts

  • Beverly I. Moran (Vanderbilt), Critical Tax Theory: Welcome to the Mainstream

Questioning Acts of Consent

  • Toni Robinson (Quinnipiac), Tax Planning for Same-Sex Couples

Private Practice Lawyers -- Drivers of Contemporary Law Firm Culture

  • Mitt Regan (Georgetown), Taxes and Death: The Rise and Demise of Jenkens and Gilchrist

Transnational Legal Orders -- Transnational Legal Orders and Domestic Systems

  • Allison Christians (Wisconsin), The OECD and the Promotion of Transnational Tax Norms

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