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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Goodbye, Class of 2008

Cincinnati_logo_0507_3The University of Cincinnati College of Law sent off the Class of 2008 into the world today at our graduation ceremony.  They are our 175th graduating class, making us the fourth-oldest conitnuously operating law school in the country.

It is always a reflective day for the faculty, as we watch with pride as each of the graduates march confidently across the stage to collect his or her diploma from the dean.  It is hard to believe that almost three years have passed since I welcomed 1/3 of them to law school in my week-long Introduction to Law course.  Highlights of the ceremony were:

  • The address by William R. (Billy) Martin, head of Sutherland's White Colar Criminal Defense Practice and University of Cincinnati College of Law Class of 1976.  Billy regaled us with lessons he has learned from his many high profile cases, including his representation of Larry Craig, Allen Iverson, Monica Lewinsky's mother, Michael Vick, and Jayson Williams.  (For more on his career, see profiles in the Cleveland Examiner, Law Crossing, Wall Street Journal and Wikipedia.)
  • The Class of 2008's selection of Max Huffman as the receipient of the Nicolas Longworth, III Alumni Achievement Award.  I got to know Max as a student (Class of 1998) and as a colleague while he served as our Visiting Assistant Professor of Law during 2005-2007.  He will be starting this fall as tenure-track visiting professor at Indiana University-Indianapolis School of Law.  It is great to see a former student (especially one as talented as Max) enter the legal academy (with the added bonus that Indianapolis is only 110 miles from Cincinnati).
  • The recognition of two institutional pillars at the College who are retiring this year:
    • Bill Rands, a tax professor here for 30 years.  Bill was a wonderful mentor when I began my teaching career at Cincinnati, and is a dear friend.
    • Barb Watts, our Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, who is retiring after 27 years.  Barb has an incredibly broad portfolio -- she serves as both our Associate Dean for Acadenic Affairs and our de facto Dean of Students, and handles both jobs with enormous skill and good cheer.

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