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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Al Franken Throws His Accountant Under the Bus

Following up on Saturday's post on Al Franken's tax troubles:  press reports say that the Minnesota democratic senatorial candidate will be paying over $70,000 in taxes to several states to clear up the matter and blames his accountant for the problem:

"We paid taxes on every cent of income we ever had," Franken told AP. "What happened is our accountant made a mistake, and all of these are repercussions of that same mistake. His mistake was not understanding the law, the obligation to pay these state taxes." Following his accountant's advice, he said, he and his wife, Franni, paid their entire income tax bill to the city and state where they were living at the time.

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He sounds like the guy who blamed me to the IRS for his not mailing his three quarters of payroll tax returns stuffed in his desk drawer.

Posted by: Woody | Apr 30, 2008 11:55:25 AM

When I worked for the Multistate Tax Commission we regularly encountered people that made mistakes based on erroneous advice from their accountants. Often these accountants understood federal law but were unclear as to their clients' obligations in a multistate setting.

Posted by: Beau | May 1, 2008 4:21:06 AM