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Friday, March 7, 2008

Letting Go

Three_kidsI have written before of moments of special joy as a father to a 15-year old daughter -- our times together at two Fall Out Boy Concerts, a coming-of-age camp in Northern California, and various business trips and sports activities through the years.  Today, my daughter embarked on a 17,000 mile, 10-day adventure to Mamelodi, South Africa without either parent.  Two years ago, she went on a mission trip to Mamelodi with her mother and a large group from our church.  When the opportunity came to go back with a small band of volunteers with the Beaded Hope ministry, she jumped at it (and even agreed to pay half the cost from her summer job earnings).

Beaded Hope partners with South African women in selling their locally-produced beaded jewelry in stores in Cincinnati and on their website, with the proceeds going to fight the ravages of AIDS in Mamelodi. If you have enjoyed this blog through the years and would like to help this wonderful group, please consider purchasing one or more items here.

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How nice to see your daughter so grown up! I tend to think of your children as the age I met them in San Diego several summers ago -- but it is clear they are maturing into wonderful, caring people. Best wishes! Katherine Pearson

Posted by: Katherine | Mar 9, 2008 7:43:04 AM