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Monday, February 11, 2008

Welcome to the Blogosphere: Faculty Lounge

A group of top-rate law profs have started The Faculty LoungeDan Filler (Drexel), Laura Appleman (Willamette), Al Brophy (Alabama), Kathleen Bergin (South Texas), Kevin Noble Maillard (Syracuse), and Calvin Massey (UC-Hastings).    An early post describes its purpose this way:

My hope and expectation is that the faculty lounge will have just the right balance of substance--talking about recent scholarship and other substantive subjects--with the light but interesting conversation that we all go to the lounge to get. But bloggers, in the effort to say interesting things, may take controversial stands--we may lose friends rather than gain them.

One of today's posts provides a list of 2008 law prof lateral moves.  Definitely a blog to add to your RSS feed!

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