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Friday, January 25, 2008

Tax in the First Year

From a survey on the TaxProf Discussion List:  here are the law schools that offer income tax in the first year, as either a required or elective course:

  • Arizona State (elective)
  • Connecticut (elective)
  • Iowa (elective)
  • NYU (elective)
  • Northwestern (elective)
  • Rutgers-Newark (elective)
  • Temple (elective)
  • UC-Hastings (elective)
  • Virginia (elective)

If I have missed any schools that offer tax in the first year, please respond in the comments and I will publish an updated, corrected list.


  1. Loyola-Chicago offers an elective first year "Business and the Law" course, which includes federal income tax.
  2. Alabama and St. Louis used to require tax in the first year, but now offer it as an upper year elective.

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