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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Papa John's, H&R Block Reward Tax "Pro-crust-inators"

Hr_blockIf you file your taxes online through H&R Block, you will receive a $10.40 gift card from Papa Johns, good for a large cheese pizza with up to four toppings. H&R Block is marketing the promotion to college students (see ad on right), but as The Consumerist notes:

This sounds tasty, except that due to their low income, most college kids won't have to pay any taxes and it's pretty easy to do with FreeFile through the website, for free, natch. But file through H&R Block and you'll probably be paying at least $60. So, you could buy yourself $10 of pizza, or pay $50+ for H&R Block pizza. They still teach math in college, right?

See also Marketing Daily.  (Hat Tip:  Bill Childs.)

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