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Friday, November 9, 2007

Wesley Snipes Seeks Change of Venue in Tax Fraud Trial from Ocala, FL to NYC to Avoid "Hotbed of Klan Activity"

From the Smoking Gun:

In a bid to get his criminal tax evasion trial transferred from Florida to New York, Wesley Snipes claims that prosecutors "deliberately chose the most racially discriminatory venue available," an area that the actor claims is a "hotbed of Klan activity" and where "substantial pockets of prejudice exist."

In a venue change motion filed yesterday in U.S. District Court in Ocala, Snipes claims that government lawyers are angling to get an "all-white Southern jury" to hear its case against the 45-year-old performer. According to the November 5 Snipes motion, the Ocala area features statues honoring the KKK founder, and the hate group "adopted highways to commemorate the Klan." Additionally, he adds, "the Confederate Flag flies over government property."

To support the claim that he faces a possible judicial lynching, Snipes commissioned a public opinion poll comparing racial attitudes in the Ocala area and his preferred judicial jurisdiction, the Southern District of New York (which includes Manhattan, The Bronx, and a few outlying counties). The survey report, a copy of which you'll find here, includes New York-Florida comparisons on topics like interracial marriage, race-based hiring preferences, and whether the Confederate flag is a symbol of pride, not prejudice. Oh, and when asked whether burning a cross on someone's lawn should be a federal crime, the Snipes poll found that 23.8% of Ocala residents replied "No." That's compared to 13.2% of New Yorkers polled. Though a previous Snipes venue change bid was rejected, a federal judge recently allowed the refiling of motions after the actor fired his entire legal team for what he claimed was incompetence.

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Here are nine simple questions every American should be asking:

1. Why does our government not create money directly, as stated by Article 1 Section 8 of the United States Constitution, but rather borrows it at interest from a private bank, putting the nation into debt?

2. If all money being introduced into the economy of the United States comes from dollar loans, and all of America must use the dollar to pay back debts, where does the money to pay the interest come from?

3. Where are the accounting documents showing what our income taxes pay for?

4. How is it possible for a bank to loan out more money than what it has on deposits, where if you or I were attempt to do the same, we would go to jail for counterfeiting?

5. If the law states that payment of income taxes is only by “voluntary compliance” then why are non-payers held criminally liable for a non-crime?

6. If payment of income taxes is obligated by law, then why must one sign a payment agreement when dealing with the IRS?

7. Why are income taxes directly paid in different amounts by different individuals, when the United States Constitution Article 1, Section 9, states that all taxes levied must be apportioned to the states according to census?

8. Why is the exchange of wages for services considered income we must pay taxes on, when income is legally defined as corporate profits?

9. Why are no high ranking political officials addressing these questions publicly?

For some insight and answers to these questions, see google videos: "Money as Debt" - "Freedom to Fascism" - "Monopoly Men" - "The Money Masters" - "Zeitgeist"

Posted by: dionysius9 | Nov 10, 2007 12:56:01 PM

Wesley (and anyone else with questions in regards to the legality of income tax); please view America: Freedom To Fascism at Google Video or YouTube. You actually need to put up a fight that is winnable.

Posted by: The Beast | Nov 9, 2007 10:56:44 AM