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Friday, November 16, 2007

The Most-Cited Tax Faculty

Brian Leiter lists the 10 most-cited faculty for the 2000-07 period in 18 areas of law, including tax:

    1. Michael Graetz (Yale): 470 citations, age 63
    2. Daniel Shaviro (NYU): 400 citations, age 50
    3. Edward McCaffery (USC): 340 citations, age 49
    4. Joseph Bankman (Stanford): 320 citations, age 52
    5. Reuven Avi-Yonah (Michigan): 290 citations, age 50
    6. David Weisbach (Chicago): 280 citations, age 44
    7. Edward Zelinsky (Cardozo): 270 citations, age 57
    8. James Strnad (Stanford): 260 citations, age 55
    9. Anne Alstott (Yale): 240 citations, age 44
    10. Lawrence Lokken (Florida): 240 citations, age 68

Runners-up: Robert Peroni (Texas), 230 citations; Marjorie Kornhauser (Arizona State), 220 citations; Alvin Warren (Harvard), 220 citations; Lawrence Zelenak (Duke), 220 citations.

Other highly-cited scholars who don’t work exclusively in this area: Louis Kaplow (Harvard), 1370 citations; Mark Gergen (Texas), 290 citations; Kyle Logue (Michigan), 250 citations.

For the methodology of the study, see here.  The Law Librarian Blog crunched the demographics of the Top 10 lists in the 18 areas.  The results for the Top 10 most-cited tax faculty:

  • Average Age:   53 (tied for second youngest among the 18 areas)
  • Youngest:  44
  • Oldest:  68
  • Number Under 50:  3
  • Women:  1 (10%)

Update:  Check out The Potential Pathologies of "Leiter-scores" on PrawfsBlawg.  I especially like the tongue-in-cheek comment from Rick Garnett (Notre Dame):

My hope is that Brian will give me a fighting chance for citation-rankings fame, and create a new category for "bald, late-30s professors at mid-western law schools who write about law-and-religion". Brian -- what do you say?

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This strikes me as an imperfect measuring tool but far more reliable than SSRN downloads or the other methods now being proposed.

Posted by: Michael Livingston | Nov 16, 2007 7:29:25 AM