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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

President Bush Nominates Douglas Shulman to be New IRS Commissioner

Shulman President Bush today nominated Douglas H. Shulman, Vice Chairman of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (formerly known as the National Association of Securities Dealers), to be Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service:

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Paul: you will get a kick out of this. I got a call from the IRS press office a short while ago...the question was: Is he(Doug Shulman) or were you the youngest person to serve as Commr of IRS. I answered that I was only 37 at my appt. I checked once and discovered that that was the youngest of anyone who has served. I have alway attributed that to President Johnson as I do not know any 37 year olds that I would recommend. Doug is 40 and a very nice fellow. I have spoken to him and wished him all good things. Sheldon

Posted by: sheldon s. cohen | Nov 21, 2007 1:12:41 PM

It is no secret that we have, again, soaring gas prices. We have a sagging economy. People are losing their homes left and right. Get this ! The newly appointed commissioner of our most corrupt IRS, is Douglas Schulman formerly “Vice Chairman of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority , known as the National Association of Securities Dealers”…… Familiarize yourself with that name. If you pay taxes, you will want to know who the hell he is.
Commissioner Douglas Schulman was grilled by Democratic Rep. Ken Salazar on CSPAN the other night on the rapidly increasing and troubling issue of Identity Theft, and HE ADMITTED UNDER OATH that during the entire span of the Bush Administration and prior, that nothing has been put into place for our protection on the following IRS issues:
The IRS admittedly does not have a CLUE on how to handle IDENTITY THEFT !

1-This has not been addressed to-date because Mr. Schulman has, quote, ‘only been on the job’ for two weeks….He fumbled over every question. He had a smirk on his face, a condescending grin that you would expect from ANY IRS EMPLOYEE, so we have a great start here. I am seething in sarcasm.

2-There is currently NO ACCURATE COUNT of IDENTITY THEFT VICTIMS in the United States of America. Are you SHOCKED? I was.

3-There is currently NO CONTROL over fraudulent tax returns sent to potential IDENTITY THIEVES.

4-There is NO CONTROL over the amount of personal tax forms sent to incorrect addresses, supplying potential thieves with any and everyone’s personal tax information and social security numbers. Apparently these so-called issues were not important enough to address for the past 15 years?

5-Supposedly this Schulman will be arranging a ‘Crisis Center’ for victims of 'Identity Theft' by September. Watch. Monitor.
Be relentless. Do not let this man fail in this area of his job. Laugh on. Or not. I was off the grid for over 10 ignorant yrs because I felt we had no recourse. We do. BLOG. Write your congressmen, write your House of Representatives. TAKE ACTION. We're facing some serious s**t and those complaining had better be voting and taking action along with their disgruntled attitudes….

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