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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Princeton Review Law School Ranking: Most (and Least) Selective Admissions

Princeton_review_2008_2Last week, I blogged the lists of the Top 10 law schools in eleven categories posted on Princeton Review's web site in connection with its publication of the 2008 edition of Best 170 Law Schools.  The rankings are the result of Princeton Review's survey of 18,000 students at the 170 law schools, along with school statistics provided by administrators.

With the help of my assistant, I have extracted from the individual profiles of the 170 law schools all of the available data to rank the schools in six categories.  Each day this week, I will report on one of the ranking categories.

Admissions Selectivity Rating:  How competititve admission is at the law school, on a scale of 60 to 99. Several factors determine this rating, including LSAT scores and the average undergraduate GPA of entering 1L students, the percentage of applicants accepted, and the percentage of accepted applicants who enrolled in the alw school.  We collect this information through a survey that law school administrators completed for the Fall 2008 entering class.

Here are the law schools that are the most and least selective in admissions among the 170 law schools profiled in the book (an asterisk indicates that the school's administrators did not supply the Princeton Review with the requested statistical information) [click on chart to enlarge]:


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